Last Updated: May 21, 2019


Provider will use commercially reasonable efforts to provide support for Support Requests from the Primary System Administrator, teachers, parents, and students in accordance with the tables below. “Support Requests” means support-related issues arising from the use of the Hosted Service. Support Requests do not include support-related issues arising from or related to enrollment, login, academic courses, or customer policy, which shall be Customer’s sole responsibility.

Support Channels

  • HelpCenter: Available 24x7 at help.masteryconnect.com.
  • In-App Support Form: Accessed from Help Page within the app.
  • Phone: Available via 801.736.0258
Types of Support Primary System Administrator Teachers Parents Students
Help Center Y Y N N
In-App Support Form Y N N N
Live Phone Support
7:00am - 5:00pm MST
Emergency After-Hours Support Y N N N
Support Needs By Type Customer Provides Provider Provides to Customer Primary System Administrator
Enrollment, Login, Class or Customer Policy Yes No
Questions Yes Yes
Help Center or In-App Support Form
Incidents No Yes
In-App Support Form or Live Phone
SIS Integration Yes Yes
In-App Support Form or Live Phone