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See how to use formative assessment data gathered over time to identify student levels of understanding, target students for intervention, and personalize learning. Your classroom will never be the same.

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    In Defense of Multiple Choice

    The value of multiple-choice in education has been a topic of debate since it’s invention in the beginning of the 20th century. Initially, the US army constructed this type of assessment as a means for determining intelligence for recruitment (Ramirez, 2013).  Provided this social validity, the ... Read More

    How to Create Valuable Multiple Choice Questions

    Multiple-choice questions can be a useful teaching and assessment tool, whether aiding class discussions or testing content on an exam. Teachers have been using this method of assessment for decades, whether verbally, on paper, or more recently through technology such as the real-time assessment ... Read More

    Week 1 – A Quick Activity to Help Students Learn about their School

    There’s always something new at the start of the school year, class rules, whether it is a new freshman class, a new administrator, or a classroom change. Both teachers and students need to get familiar with these changes fast. In Mr. Roberts’ homeroom, Socrative quizzes with images do the ... Read More