Instant Engagement

Instant Feedback

Visualize student and whole class understanding in the moment. Student results populate the teacher’s screen as they submit answers to multiple choice, true/false, graded short answer, or open-response questions.

Personalized Content

Design and edit your own library of assessments and share them within your personal learning network. Even tag them by Common Core standards.


Review student understanding in a variety of report types: whole class overview, student-specific results, or question-by-question breakdown. All the reports can be downloaded, emailed, or delivered to your Google Drive folder at any time. They’re also always accessible in your Reports section of Socrative.


Socrative is available on iOS Apps, Android Apps, Chrome Apps, Kindle Apps, Windows Apps, and all web browsers making it accessible in all educational technology settings.

Did you know Socrative is just one of the K-12 solutions from MasteryConnect?

See how to use formative assessment data gathered over time to identify student levels of understanding, target students for intervention, and personalize learning. Your classroom will never be the same.

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