Moving to Mastery?

See how we're re-inventing the report card

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The Willard School District Story

Watch the story of Willard School District and their move to a Student Mastery Report.

You've made a commitment to standards-based
learning and formative assessments.

But what do you do about report cards?

See how the Student Mastery Report makes transitioning from letter grades to mastery-based grading a breeze…
  • Automatically generated from your formative data
  • Simple for parents to understand
  • Customizable for attendance, work habits & behavior, reading scores, & more

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"A big problem is that we don't have a grade reporting mechanism that matches standard-based grading practices. There are 'work-arounds' but they are difficult to sustain over time. There is a REAL need to create report cards that reflect the best practices that teachers are using for assessments."

~ Michael Bolsoni
Assistant Principal Apple Valley High School, Minneapolis, MN