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Download the most popular app for the Common Core, get the free app for student assessment,
scan bubble sheets from your iPad, and start pinning standards-aligned resources.

NEW Resource Pins!

With familiar pinning tools, easily find resources that have been aligned to both state and Common Core standards. Upload your own resources to curriculum maps and share pins in student playlists.

Resource Pins

The Pin Resource Button.

The Pin Resource button (a bookmarklet) lets you easily pin resources you find on websites and blogs. Drag the orange button below to your toolbar—then click it when you see an image or video you want to pin!

Pin ResourceDrag this button to
your toolbar

Bookmark Bar

Powerful Apps...Totally Free!

MasteryConnect mobile apps

FREE Common
Core Standards App

Access the standards anytime, anywhere. We've made it easy to access the standards from any mobile device or tablet.

Available on:

FREE Next Generation
Science Standards App

Put the science standards in your pocket. Provided in partnership with the National Science Teachers Association.

Available on:

MasteryScan App

Give students feedback at their desks. Scan plain paper bubblesheets with GradeCam technology from your ipad.

Available on:

FREE MasteryAssess
(BubbleSheet) App

Give assessments that you create on any tablet or mobile device. Provides students with immediate feedback.

Available on:

Common Core website widget

Put the Common Core on your Website in a Snap! Use the pull-out app widget or embed the app in a page on your site or blog.

CC Website CC Website CC Website

Common Core Embed.

Embed the Common Core app right into your blog or single page of your website (like a youtube video).

Get the Code:
Copy and paste the code below anywhere into the html of your website:

<div id="_MC_ccapp_embed" style="display:block; width:480px; height:600px;"><script src=""></script></div>

Common Core App Widget.

Get the Common Core widget on all your website's pages. Give our example a try by simply clicking the CommonCore tab to the right.

Get the Code:
Copy and paste the code below anywhere into the html of your website:

<div id="_MC_ccapp_widget"><script src=""></script></div>