Desmos Calculators Now Available in MasteryConnect


Ditch those brick-like calculators for online tools that will leave you asking TI-eighty-what?

You can now add calculators directly to your online math assessments when you add Desmos to MasteryConnect. Teachers can enhance math learning by embedding four-function, scientific, and graphing calculators, and students can easily show their work right in the assessment.

Author technology-enhanced items with graphing capabilities or add a graphing calculator to any item-based question. Choose from 27 item types!

And you will provide students with an online experience similar to end-of-level tests—Desmos is now used in year-end tests for 27 states and counting. Not to mention the digital SAT, ACT, and NWEA MAP Growth tests.

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Building Items with Desmos

See how easy it is to add Desmos calculators to your assessments.

Taking Assessments with Desmos

View the student experience when completing assessments with Desmos.

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