Leading PLCs for Real Student Growth

A Story of collaboration, data & transforming a failing school



When Todd Theobald first entered the halls of his elementary building, he found himself principal of the only failing school in the district. A new state grading system had publically issued an “F” for the Title I school, and he had marching orders to perform what seemed like a miracle.

Join us for a one-hour webinar to hear how Todd and his team embraced the PLC process and boldly dug into data to turn things around in only one year—and how they’ve maintained growth ever since.

You'll hear

  • The "Guarantee 3" strategy for standards...and why it works
  • Why certain students surprised everyone
  • The experiment that prompted principals to go back in the classroom
  • The recipe for focused collaboration and planning meetings
  • Why all data is good data (really)
Todd Theobald

Todd Theobald

A self-described “regular guy”, Todd is anything but ordinary. He was recognized as the 2017 Utah Elementary School Principal of the Year and a 2017 NAESP National Distinguished Principal. Because he “bleeds elementary”, he works closely with other educators to innovate assessment strategies, teaching practices, and collaboration in their elementary schools.