Best Practice for Creating Formative Assessments


Formative assessment is a powerful tool for teachers, allowing them to gain specific insights about students’ mastery of standards in order to better personalize a student’s learning experience with lessons, targeted instructional content, and interventions. But in order for teachers to use formative data to effectively measure mastery, they must make sure they have high quality assessments that assess the right things.

Join assessment expert Sarah Wicks for a one-hour webinar as she shares best practices to consider when developing your own formative assessments.

You’ll hear about:

  • A clear focus – what skills are you actually trying to assess?
  • Understanding how education metadata can help you discover specific content
  • Selecting items based on question type and grade level appropriateness
  • Considerations when choosing reading passages
  • You have your formative results – now what?
Sarah Wicks

Meet Your Presenter

Sarah Wicks has worked for Certica for three years as a Senior Content Specialist and more recently as Product Manager for the Navigate Item Bank. Prior to coming to Certica, Sarah worked for Northwest Evaluation Association (NWEA). She also spent more than six years as an educational consultant and taught at the elementary level. Sarah has a Master’s Degree in Educational Technology and copyright management certificates from the Special Libraries Association (SLA) and Harvard University.