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Based in Salt Lake City, MasteryConnect is part of the Silicon Slopes of Utah!

Our Story

How it began.

MasteryConnect began when an experienced educator was inspired to focus on mastery learning and formative assessment, but was frustrated by a lack of time and tools. He wanted a way to get out of tracking mastery in spreadsheets, speed up the time to grade and provide feedback to students, and provide a way to share great formative assessments with educators around the country.

At MasteryConnect, we believe that through 21st century technology and tools, obstacles to mastery learning are removed. We believe in the power of the common standards and it’s ability to unleash the collective knowledge of teachers all across the country. We believe in data and teachers driving the conversation around assessment and what students are learning. We believe all students can learn.

How we're funded.

MasteryConnect is a revenue-generating, venture-backed company, and is funded by top investors in education technology including:

Our Culture

Dress code.

We're a start up. We dress comfortably.

Office life.

We love our adjustable height desks in our new office. Work standing or sitting, your choice, or change throughout the day! We're firm believers in a good chair. Yeah, we just mentioned a "good chair" on our careers page. Cheap chairs are uncomfortable and not really conducive to a creative work environment. We love whiteboards, in fact, you can write on most of the walls in our offices. We also like working from a couch or comfy chair. While we like to kick our feet up and be comfortable, we also like intensity and working hard.

Technology and tools.

We like Apple products and provide team members with MacBooks. We build mobile apps on iOS, Windows, and Android platforms. We're big fans of providing whatever tools our team needs to be awesome at what they do.


Compensation package.

We want everyone that joins us in our growth phase to benefit from the collective team effort. Above and beyond super competitive salaries, we provide stock options to key employees.


We want to minimize the pain of paying for health care, so you can focus on creativity, and exceptional work product. We pay 100% of our employees health care, dental and vision insurance premiums. Our plan has the widest selection of doctors with the lowest deductibles possible. We also provide FSA, short term disability as well as exceptional goodies such as self managed PTO (we don't accrue it, you take what you want), and generous leave of absence.

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